With the concerns that have arisen with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), the department will be implementing a limited contact measure until such time it is deemed appropriate to resume normal operations. If your child is under supervision with the department, please contact the office to make arrangements for reporting, drug testing, etc. through your assigned officer. The JJAEP will not be in session through face to face instruction as we are taking the lead from the school districts we serve. We will be working with the schools to ensure that the education needs are addressed during this time. Please contact the department if we can be of any assistance.
Welcome to the Hill County Juvenile Probation Department.
It is the mission of the department, under the authority of the Juvenile Board, to serve the Juvenile Courts and be accountable:
  • To direct the rehabilitation, education, care, and security of youthful offenders;
  • To protect the community;
  • To be sensitive to victims’ issues;
  • To address elements in society that contribute to delinquency trends through community education; and,
  • To continue to recognize the value of research as it relates to the casual factors and supervision methods.