Community Resource Coordination Group

The Community Resource Coordination Group (CRCG) is a group of local partners and community members that work with parents, caregivers, youth, and adults to make a service plan. The service plan helps a person with special needs get benefits and services.

The CRCG can assist you to find an agency to meet your child’s special needs. If you’ve found you don’t qualify for some programs or can’t get the services you need, we can assist. We also assist helping professionals find the right agency or program to help meet the needs of their clients.

Link to State of Texas CRCG

For More Information

To make a referral or inquire about the Hill County CRCG, please contact Tina Lincoln at  Meetings are normally scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month at 1:00 p.m.  Address is 200 Line St. Hillsboro, Texas 76645